Carbon Capture and Storage opportunity within Block XIB

A significant Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) opportunity exists within our Block XIB field with the potential to support a major net-zero CO2 industrial hub.

A study, commissioned by Block, estimates a CO2 storage capacity ranking – at both reservoir and basin scales – amongst the highest in Europe. The reservoir scale storage is estimated at 256 million metric tonnes, equivalent to offsetting emissions from 55 million cars, and the basin scale at up to 8.7 gigatonnes, equivalent to offsetting emissions from Turkey for 20 years.

The research suggests Block XIB is best suited to the Mineral Trapping (Mineralisation) method whereby CO2 is injected with water and mineralises as solid carbonates, a technique successfully used in Iceland to permanently inject 100,000 tonnes of CO2 to date into basaltic rock.

The Middle Eocene’s volcaniclastics facilitate the movement and efficient containment of injected CO2, and sections are abundant with Zeolites, highly reactive minerals enriched with substantial calcium that enhance the potential for successful and sustainable CCS by Mineralisation.

These and other supportive geological features, including an active aquifer and ideal pressure and temperature conditions, indicate the possibility for a very rapid rate of carbonation: initial calculations show 95% mineralisation of CO2 within 250 days, compared to 1,000 years in sedimentary systems. Carbon storage capacity could be further enhanced by localised dissolution of fractures, increasing pore space and pore volume.

The study, commissioned in the course of the company’s Project III development planning, was undertaken by Oilfield Production Consultants (OPC), a consultancy recognised internationally for its expertise and experience in this field.

Further information

Please see the presentation CO2 Storage & Low-Carbon Gas Opportunities in Georgia (PDF) in our Circulars, Presentations & Reports section for further information.

Low (Mt CO2)Mid (Mt CO2)High (Mt CO2)
Patardzeuli CO2 Mineralisation Capacity42.0112.0182.0
Samgori CO2 Mineralisation Capacity15.039.564.0
Pat-Sam CO2 Mineralisation Capacity57.0151.5246.0