Project III

Lower Eocene and deeper gas monetisation

Project III aims to tap the significant undeveloped gas resource located in the Lower Eocene, Palaeocene and Upper Cretaceous reservoirs within the XIB and XIF licences.

Rustavi, Teleti and Patardzeuli-Samgori Lower Eocene reservoirs proximate to international pipelines

FieldRecoverable Contingent Resources (BCF)
1C (Low)2C (Mid)3C (High)MeanSource
Patardzueli-Samgori9261,0721,2221,073OPC IER, 2024
Rustavi8841,0621,2451,064Block Energy Internal Report, 2024
Teleti493638802644Block Energy Internal Report, 2024

Project III Recoverable Contingent Resources by Field

Pipelines to Europe
Block's licences connect to major European pipelines