Project I

West Rustavi/Krtsanisi oil development

Project I is focused on the development of the Middle Eocene reservoir of the West Rustavi/Krtsanisi field, defined by the intersection of licences XIF and XIB.

Project I Phase I development area

Phase 1 (Krtsanisi Anticline) 1P Gross Reserve (MMbbl)2P Gross Reserve (MMbbl)3P Gross Reserve (MMbbl)
Full Field Development1C Gross Contingent Resource (MMbbl)2C Gross Contingent Resource (MMbbl)3C Gross Contingent Resource (MMbbl)
Source: ERCE Independent Reserve Report, 2022; Block Energy Internal Contingent Resource Report, 2022

Geoscience led approach

Block Energy has undertaken significant subsurface work to illuminate the field’s complex fractured reservoirs.

Phase 1 development area seismic lineations and planned well trajectories (in white). Black/blue areas are associated with open fracture zones and good production performance
JKT-01 and JKT-01z well trajectories - blue areas represent fracture zones