Shareholder Information

NEX Listing Date25 June 2005
Industry SectorOil & Gas
Number of Shares in Issue at 27th October 201797,968,209
Number of Shares held in Treasury-
Total Shares in Issue97,968,209

Significant Shareholders

Significant ShareholdersNumber of Shares % of Issued Ordinary Share Capital
Fitel Nominees Ltd19,176,47119.57%
Iskander Energy Corp14,000,00014.29%
Vidacos Nominees Ltd9,663,5489.86%
Pershing Nominees Ltd9,545,2089.74%
Jim Nominees9,321,2919.51%
Nomura Custody Nominees5,100,0005.21%
Beaufort Nominees Ltd4,741,1794.84%
Fiske Nominees Ltd3,588,2353.66%
Mr Jeremy Edelman 3,000,0003.06%
Mr Niall Tomlinson1,734,7271.77%
Mr Paul Haywood1,654,7271.69%

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